Founded in 1979 by Mr. Krithny Horn, Horn's Collision Center has grown from the grassroots of collision repair to a multi-faceted one-acre facility located at 1427 Long Beach Boulevard in the historic community of Long Beach, California.

In 1990 Krithny brought his sons Patrick and Doug into the family business. Horn's Collision Center has benefited greatly with this addition and has continued to grow into what it is today with their continued hard work and dedication. Krithny is looking forward in the not too distant future in welcoming his five grandsons into the fold.

Horn's Collision Center is proud of our state of the art facility and our professional, friendly staff. At Horn's every stage of the repair process is critical, from simple dent repair, to unibody correction, mechanical, suspension repairs as well as the refinishing process. We pay attention to detail at Horn's. Our technical staff is made up of quality craftsmen. Our technicians are I-CAR and ASE certified and continues to attend training to stay up to date on the latest vehicle technology and repair procedures. We have been honing the repair process over our 30 plus year history. All repairs performed by Horn's come with a limited lifetime warranty that protects you as long as you own the vehicle. Additionally, we go beyond our doors to pursue and insure excellence. Beginning in 1979 through today, Horn's Collision Center invests heavily in its customer service and quality programs with a primary focus on providing customer satisfaction and delivering value to its customers. Our customers enjoy the convenient state-of-the-art repair center, friendly and professional associates and outstanding repair quality.

Horn's Collision Center has developed a business model that ensures quality workmanship and reduced repair times. We work with all insurance companies and take the hassle out of the repair process for our customers. Horn’s performance has earned the trust of thousands of customers.

At Horn's Collision Center, you, our customers are our first and utmost concern. Your vehicle is important to you and your family and knowing this we would like to thank you for your trust in us by allowing us the opportunity to repair your vehicle.

We take pride in restoring customers vehicles and will do everything we can to justify your continued trust.

Our reputation is built on quality, training, integrity and a personal touch. If at any time during the repair process you are not completely satisfied, please call or write to me directly.

Thank you for your trust and allowing us to serve you,

Patrick Horn

"Horn's Collision Center has developed a business model that ensures quality workmanship and reduced repair times."