2 Chief EZ Liner Uni-body Frame Correction Benches
These have four point anchoring system to hold vehicles securely during structural realignment process as well as the Genesis 2 laser measuring system.

Garmat Downdraft Heated Spray Booth
State of the art spray booth with a built in heater and timer to guarantee accurate time dry process.

PPG Computerized Mixing System
A state of the art paint mixing room with a paint application process capable of producing original manufacture color and finishes.


Stand Alone Mechanical Department
Our mechanical department is dedicated to our collision related mechanical and suspension repairs. It was set up this way to keep freon, coolant and other mechanical related fluids in a central and contained area for environmental, customer and the employee's protection.

Customer and Insurance Company Amenities
These include a modern customer lounge, tidy office space, adjuster work area, a spacious conference room and internet access.